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Mon/Tues update -

As far as his blood work goes, we're still watching the numbers closely, but for the most part everything has remained pretty much the same over the last 48 hours -- most low, but stable.

Monday his Sodium stayed the same as Sunday's. Today his sodium dropped two points, and it's still considered low.

His Potassium on Monday showed a nice little jump from 3.5 to 3.9, keeping him in the normal range. Today, his potassium took a really good jump to 4.8. Still in normal limits. I chalk this increase in numbers to us getting him drinking Coconut Water. Thanks to those who suggested this!

Calcium is still low, but it's one of those numbers that keeps creeping a tenth one way/the other.

And Albumin was tested on Monday, it stayed the exact same as Sunday (2.4) which is low. They did not test the Albumin today (Tuesday).

As far as chest xrays go -- Monday it looked good and stayed relatively the same as Sunday's xray. But, unfortunately, his chest xray this morning (Tuesday) showed another pleural effusion happening on the left side again. It's visibly noticeable and his left side is much more diminished sounding. So they started him on a third diuretic today. I can't lie folks, it's upsetting to hear that one day his chest is looking good and then the complete opposite news of his chest making a 180 degree to the bad in only 24 hours. No one gave us a straight answer this morning for why this is happening again -- diuretic after diuretic after diuretic -- and after being switched to the no-to-low fat diet. (ps: his drainage is looking more serous and less cloudly.)

But, he's still having happy days... we like going to the playroom on our floor or doing silly things in our room! Tonight, he and I thought it would be fun to go play bingo in the community room with a bunch of other little patients from throughout the hospital. Luck was on his side tonight, as he ended up being 1 of 3 winners for each game they played: the straight bingo, the four corners bingo, as well as blackout. He came back with some precious ''to him'' loot -- a brand new Candy Land game, a Ker-plunk game, and a John Deere tractor w/ wagon. Blessed and happy that through all of this, the staff and volunteers at CMH are helping to keep him busy and not dwell on the day-in-day-out schedule of hospital life.
Mommy let me play with my trucks in shaving cream today!

Love, Kathleen

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Mon/Tues update - + TIME