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This morning as I jumped into the shower I heard the bathroom door open. I peered around the shower curtain and found my three year old with a few toys, sitting on the bathroom floor.

How YOU doing mommy? {that's his new thing, and he says it just like Joey on the show Friends... cracks me up every time!}

He sat, and played, and talked to himself for a minute as I shampooed and rinsed.

Can you sing me a song, Fynn?

So he sang. Loud and clear, the alphabet song. The whole way through.

After he belted out a resounding Z he ended with now I know I know I know, sing with me! Yay!

We always clap. And smile. Real honest to goodness proud as anything smiles. Because I am so proud of this little guy. It boggles my mind that he knows how to sing the alphabet song. Even more so, it blows my mind that he can spell his name.

And it warms my heart that he knows his Daddy's name is Lucas Lastname, but when asked I am always Mommy Lastname.

He is full of surprises, and knowledge, and kindness. Everything and more than I expected a three year old to be. Tonight we read a story about two friends, two best friends. I asked him if he had a best friend. He told me "my sister Paige is my friend" and smiled. He gives hugs and big kisses. Headbutts that are meant as signs of affection. He is all boy, yet so soft around the edges.

We have quite a week coming up. Playdates galore, but also a test. A two hour food challenge that will determine the status of Fynn's peanut allergy. He knows it has to be done. We've talked about it. He says he'll be brave. There will be scratch tests and patience prodded. But I'm positive he will do wonderfully, no matter the outcome. If all else fails, he'll sing and end with I know I know I know, sing with me and he should know, we will always sing with him. For him.

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