Family Updates + teething

Couldn't resist

I could not resist taking these pictures...

Our little teething lady

Into everything {hence the price tag... no... she's not up for sale at the low price of $1.49, nor did I purchase her at Trader Joe's}

Jan 9, 2010 003

And those eyes {her father's} absolutely make my heart stop

Though the bags underneath we could live without... they {hers and ours} come with the bulging gum territory

One day, she will have all of her teeth. And we will throw a party. With cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes {can you tell what's really on my mind today? I'm thinking of you cupcake ladies!}

and possibly some wine

But for now, I'll take her whine, kiss her cheeks, and tickle under her chin until her whines turn to giggles

and her hazel eyes glimmer with laughter

Jan 9, 2010 006

Heart, Paige, and more:

Couldn't resist + teething