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Lunch & Laundry

Little man requested Chicken Noodle Soup and Dice Pears for lunch today. I added a salt packet to his soup. Although he didn't eat it all, he did eat about 1/4 of what food service brought to him. (guessing it was about 5 tablespoons) Then ate 6 pcs of the pears. Mommy made him some homemade sweet iced tea to go with it. Praying he'll be able to keep this down; only time will tell.

After lunch he wanted on Daddy's lap, so they are up there taking a nap together in the recliner.

For me, I'm down in the Ronald McDonald Room of the hospital doing laundry. Just put in our one load, so I'm able to ''get away'' for about an hour -- time alone is always needed even if all I want to do it stay with Tyler.

Love, Kathleen

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