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IV free for 9 hrs

After a night of free arms, we were told during shift change that Vascular Access was coming up to place a new IV. His left arm is all boarded up now... But he'll be able to continue his IV Lasix (diuretic), which is a good thing. Instead of thinking of this as a setback, we're thinking in terms as one more positive in getting better.

He had a very restful night and he woke up talking to us. Good sign that he is starting to feel better. First thing he asked for was a McDonald's breakfast burrito this morning. So Andrew walked over to Truman hospital and got him one. He's only taken about ten bites for now, then we gave him a break - otherwise we were going to have to deal with puke. We told him it's okay to take a few bites here and there, but said has to be gone by 6pm. He agreed -- we'll see how that plays out.

It's so important that he keeps everything down or his sodium will go even lower. Today's blood draw showed his sodium went up 1 point... still 7 points below the low end of normal, so it's another day of the sodium chloride supplement.

I'll update when I can today.

Love, Kathleen

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IV free for 9 hrs + TIME