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Good day!

Still off of oxygen - yay!

He did lots of activity today and even ate dinner. He asked for spaghetti with marinara sauce, and spaghetti with marinara sauce is what he got! (ps: we haven't had puke for like 18 hours now!)

We are getting a lot more drainage from his blake drains today though - maybe from the all of the activity? It was so cute, he took a drive in a little red car up and down and all around 4 Sutherland this afternoon. We should have captured a picture but didn't... . maybe I can snap one tomorrow if he wants to play in it again.

Hoping blood draw in the morning shows even better sodium numbers... . We're about sick of the sodium chloride supplement. Yuck! But we know he needs it, because low sodium would cause him to have arrhythmia's.

All in all, we have to call it a good day!

Feeling good enough to smile

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