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The Secret To Cleaning a Glass Stove Top

I think I might be entering the nesting phase of my pregnancy. I am taking the house, room by room, and deep cleaning everything in it. I plan to share some of the great tips I try that actually work, starting with this amazing trick to cleaning a glass stove top.

First, you will want to cover the stove top with baking soda. Then fill the sink or a large bowl with hot, soapy water. Submerge a large dish towel in the water for about a minute and loosely wring the water out. Place the hot towel on top of the baking soda and set your timer for twenty minutes.

After twenty minutes is up, use the wet towel to wipe the stove and the baking soda in a circular motion. Continue wiping until the baking soda is clumped up. Use a wet paper towel to remove the clumps of baking soda, and use a Q-tip to get the baking soda out of any crevices in your stove top. Repeat the process if needed, and your stove top will look like new again. Now you have a great excuse to have dinner out!

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The Secret To Cleaning a Glass Stove Top + Blog