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Yesterday after preschool the kids wanted to go to the beach. Of course. Shedding cool, cozy, crisp autumn morning gear we raced into swimsuits and were hopeful for a repeat of last week. Last week the water was warm, the air was warm, I wore a new swimsuit of red and white polka dots. I feel like Marilyn Monroe when I wear it. Curves in the right places. When I wear it I throw my head back and smile and laugh, because life is full. Last week I got down on my hands and knees where the water comes onshore and sifted through rocks and shells for sand dollars. We found dozens of pieces, and two teeny tiny whole ones. Better than gold. I tucked them in the bust of my swimsuit, as another beach goer told me to do earlier this summer, to keep them safe. So they can make it home without breaking. And they did.

So we wanted a repeat of last week. I wanted to crawl in the surf and tip my head back in the sunshine and drink it up, not knowing if this beach trip would be the last swimming beach trip of the year.

I think last week might have been it.

Yesterday it was cold. The air stung, the wind took our breath away. And yet, the kids still went into the September Swell. There were folks walking around in winter jackets, hoods pulled up, holding themselves for warmth. And my kids were sucking every last bit of breath from the season. I wore my Marilyn suit, and went in to my knees. I tipped my head back and smiled, through shivers. Warmed myself on the blanket with a sweatshirt and towel as my babies raced on the sand and in the surf.

And now I sit with my tea, in my sweater, in my sweatpants, with kids energy swelling around me waiting for baking time to make the long awaited pumpkin bread and we are entering the next season. They blur. September swells and we bob in its waves.

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September Swell - Just Write + sunshine