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Bittersweet Independence

Written on July 4, 2011:

I have struggled all day about whether I should write this and I will be undecided until it is complete. One of the most important and influential people in my life left this earth today. During many eras of my existence, she was my confidant, my best supporter, and often my best friend. She saw me in my best light and my darkest hours and never judged me. She only loved me. And I loved her back with all of my heart.

My grandmother was a huge part of my life that I will never be able to replace. Alzheimer's took her life and her joy away from her. It has been a long battle, and she was resilient and tough through the end. But her suffering was enough. So she passed away on Independence Day, 2011. I can see now that this was her Independence Day... from a disease that took over her life.

I know that a lot of you that read what I write often enjoy hearing about bits of my life. This was something that I felt I could share with you. We all have ups and downs and we struggle to get through them. But we can all relate when it comes to losing someone that we love with every inch of our soul. So all I ask is that in memory of my Grandmama, you go out today and do something kind and unexpected for either someone you love or a complete stranger. It will make you feel good. And we all just want to feel good, right...

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