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Scenes from a Friday morning

After our long winter... I'm trying really hard not to complain about any sunny weather we have.

{meaning... HOT... .}

But I'll say this: I'm actually thankful for the overcast rainy day that we're having.

It's a chance to catch up on laundry, to have some fun with kindergarten work books from the dollar store {Fynn thinks they're so fun, and he rocks them!}, to color and play with stickers. It's a chance to drink hot tea and entertain the idea of fulfilling a promise for fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies. Most importantly, it's an opportunity to just be, without doing too much of anything.

Which is nice.

The kids are watching A Bee Movie, and we're waiting for the landlord to swing by to fix a ceiling fan. We have the farm, the beach, a birthday celebration for my brother, and hopefully an early start to the weekend for Lucas this afternoon on tap.

The scenes around here today, they're refreshing. And quiet. And full.

Happy weekend!

July 8, 2011 002
July 8, 2011 007
July 8, 2011 011
July 8, 2011 014
July 8, 2011 017
July 8, 2011 018
July 8, 2011 024

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Scenes from a Friday morning + summer