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I am back

Sorry for the lack of blogging this last month. I have been doing so many things that I just feel like I for one needed the break and two just didn't have the time to focus on it. So what have I been doing you might ask?

Well if you follow me on Twitter you probably know about all the house renovations that we have been doing. We found mold but instead of just re-doing the bathroom we decided to do the whole house. What a headache! I am so glad we did it and I LOVE the outcome but it was a rough couple of weeks! And finally here are the before/after pics

What the house was before we started....

What it looked like the first night when we went to bed....


And Ryan helping daddy tile. He started it and then got too busy at work so we hired someone to come in and finish the tiling for us.

The bedroom....

And now the finished project...

We've also been spending lots of time with the cousins since they moved down here. Ryan is SO HAPPY to have them only a couple of roads down because we are over there all the time.

Ryan started riding the school bus to speech therapy. He LOVES riding the school bus!

And he started playing soccer. It's funny because he had never even seen a soccer ball before and when we gave him one he knew exactly what to do with it. He made a couple goals and is really good at it. Plus, he LOVES it! He wants to take his soccer ball everywhere. I went grocery shopping with it last Friday!

So for everyone who has been asking for pictures I hope you love it as much as I do! I never knew how much more I would love tile than carpet! Especially having a huge (140 lbs) and almost 5 year old.

And now I am back to blogging and on twitter so please leave my blog some love and come say hi to me on Twitter : )!

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I am back + Soccer