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The Big Reveal

I have been having a really hard time not talking about this work in progress, because actually, until it is complete, no one but myself and the designer are really going to be excited about a new blog design until it is in full effect! I have been working one on one with Courtney from Not So Homemade to give my blog a fresh new look!

I have had a completely wonderful experience working with her. Here is the link to her custom designs page:
Custom Designs
She was not only the most affordable blog designer out there, but she has great tips and ideas on how to make your blog better, such as cutting down on clutter and throwing shyness out of your window. The best part was that she was completely on top of the job, I mean, I could e-mail her and she was responding to everything as fast as I could think! Talk about customer service! This chick is on top of it! On top of all of that, she has an adorable Etsy shop that has great holiday gift ideas! Check it out here:
Not So Homemade Etsy Shop
She never asked me to brag on her or even put her name out there, but not only would I have paid double for what she did, I will recommend her to anyone who asks! Thank you, Courtney, for a stellar job, superb customer service, and for putting up with my wishy washy ideas for the last few weeks! Let me know what you think!

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