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from the Look Book of my Client
Image from Town and Country Weddings Fall 2010
Today is Day One of our Action Packed Planning Trip to New York. I am beyond excited because today I am meeting some of the Best Vendors in not only New York, but the Country. Years ago when I worked for The Ritz Cartlon, Washington, DC, as their wedding and social event planner, I met many great vendors that came in with clients from all over the country, sometimes world.

At that time, my best friend Tara was a writer for Forbes. Much more interested in Financial Journalism than weddings, she called me asking for who I knew out there was the best of the best. I made recommendations and this got her started on a huge weddings article that she wrote about the new leaders of the wedding industry. As I listened to her progress of interviews with these industry icons I was in awe of their personal stories as well the trademarks and turning points of their success.

I always hoped for the right client to come along, to have the opportunity to meet with these vendors in Manhattan. Since there are no coincidences in life... here I am in Chicago sitting sipping on Sancerre and waiting for a Charcuterie plate with my friend Amanda and along comes this stunning girl with her two King Cavaliers out walking her gorgeous pups. Turns out Amanda knows her, she greets her, then congratulates her on her recent engagement. She just moved here from New York with her fiance for his job. She wants to begin planning her New York wedding.

I mention to her that this is what I have done since I graduated from college and that I am starting my own company again. She is just about to go with a planner in New York, but asks to meet for coffee. A few days later at the adorable Floriole Bakery in Lincoln Park we meet. A conversation about life, unexpected moves, Chicago, New York, an engagement, the Kentucky Derby, and even the Bachelor... all leads us to laughs - smiles and a great understanding of who she is.

She then says... oh, I brought a picture that really capsulizes my wedding... and lays the above image on the table. It spoke for itself. She said... I want that... that exact photo of me on my wedding day. Since she is getting married on the Upper East Side at a darling historic church and her reception is at a Mansion and Museum on Central Park geographically this request can be met.

This bride is just as stunning as the one in the photo, but this image is so so her and says so many things- there is this whole New York feel of I got dressed in my wedding gown, a more glamourous version of myself- not contrived to look like a bride- but me- looking amazing. The confidence of the idea of walking out the door on Fifth Avenue like you are walking up the street to your best friends house is really owning it. Its not about a staged picture- its the whole experience.

She has the confidence- style-and down to earth amazing personality to let this set the tone for her entire day. I did not need to see much else picture wise- I got it. And can guarantee that she will walk up Fifth Avenue to meet her best friend on May 21, 2011.

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