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Hole In the Wall

I have not taken before and afters yet because I feel that my ROOM has so much more potential than it is currently radiating. HOWEVER, in front of the space where I sew, blog, craft, and create, there is an eyesore that I felt was hindering my creative efforts. It was like the train wreck that you cannot stop staring at. My craft/sewing/creative room was an add on room from the previous owners. It has a beautiful set of French doors that allow me to be "in the same room" as my husband while he watches baseball, football and other things that although I enjoy, I cannot sit down and watch for a period of more than thirty minutes. There once was a window that went from the guest bathroom to the outdoors, but now it goes to my room. The previous owners decided...well, I am not sure what they were thinking, and although the idea of a custom set of shelves sounds great, I can no longer bear to stare at this hole in the wall.

My mother in law was in town this past weekend, and despite my not feeling quite up to par, we had a good time! She was very understanding that my need to hole up at home and get better was a must, and so...what else?! We created something! I am going to once again reference my stash of fat quarters that I received from Mod Podge Rocks because frankly, people, I have to utilize this gift! I found a roll of thin cork board and an old piece of plywood.

I took four fat quarters, and thanks SOOO much to my mother in law for helping coordinate them! Oh, yes, so I sewed them together in a quiltish pattern to form four rectangles. I used the Mod Podge for fabric along with a staple gun, and then added a border with the fabric Mod Podge and red ribbon. After stuffing it in the old window, I can now use it as a stylish cork board, message board, pattern holder, I could go on and on! However, I can also change the fabric later if I get tired of it! For now, I am loving the bright colors and the utilization of space! (Excuse the Pledge, but it does do the job!)

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