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I am back from Maryland and we are safe and cozy and happy to be back in our own beds. Little one and I both caught a nast bug on flight over and made for a trip of little rest. Thankfully if we were to get sick no place like then like being at moms. We both were honestly so sick that I dont know how I would have handled it here alone which would have been the case.

Enough of that though- its behind me now and I am still taking in easy and today just got settled back in with a bit of laundry and groceries and Jack and I cuddled and played all day. He said/ sort of his first word today- he said Quack, but it was more like Wack- to the five little ducks song-( which has the work quack about 500 times in it)- anyway- he says it the 3 times in the reps that the song does on and off- like wack wack wack.

I am excited to see what everyone is planning to do and making for their holidays-we are staying in Chicago now- change of plans after this trip home- just seemed too much to turn around next week with all going on-so am looking forward to little family time and the launch of the Starbucks Holiday Beverage Selections and red cups as I do the neighborhood watch in the afternoons with the troops.

I really want to try to make this Caramelized Apple Spice Cake with Maple Buttercreamfrom the Thanksgiving Issue of Martha-it wont look like that... clearly, but the flavors just sounds so divine I dont care what it ends up looking like-

Look forward to hearing everyones fave recipes and traditions/ plans-

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Various Miscellaneous- + Maryland