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My Weekend with the Boys

So my Labor Day weekend was rather long and truthfully tiring. My husband was on his annual fishing trip with his father and friends fishing... in Iceland. So, it was just me with my boys Jack and Brennan for......6 days- Those of you who dont know- Brennan is a 4 year old- 80 pound- wild-Golden Retriever! and Jack is 9 months today.

That being said,
We did a lot of walking as you can imagine and had fun, but it did get a bit repetitive and lonely at times - especially since it was a holiday weekend. I did go out to dinner with Jack by myself and said my son was taking me out to dinner- which I dont think they got- especially when they brought him a kids menu and glass of ice water...

A highlight of the weekend was a nice surprise arrived Saturday morning in the mail. We received a package from Maryland addressed to Jack and Brennan-

Inside were the cutest little "back to school" treats from their Nana- aka my mom. Clearly, neither is attending school- and even more obvious Brennan was home schooled and some days we find we were more successful than others..but we all need Back to School treats at this time of year right?

Brennan received this Crab Collar in Navy and Red- from Jake's Pet Boutique in Easton. Check out their website it has adorable webbed collars and leashes, they have cute prints including--cupcakes, tartan plaid, cherries, salmon, sailboats....
Jakes Pet Boutique

Jack received these darling belts and a crab one like Brennans (not pictured) from a children's boutique that I love to buy his clothes from on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis. ( that I always forget the name of but know where to find as does mom)

And well I decided I could not be left out of the fun especially after I did such a great job entartaining these 2 all weekend- so my fabulous new shoes are winging their way here via UPS and will hopefully arrive tomorrow! I am not going to post a pic- but yes, I splurged!

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My Weekend with the Boys + TIME