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Another good day returned . . .

Let me start by saying we had a fun day today!

Morning labs proved that his sodium came up three points, but still 9 points from being in the low range of normal. Potassium on the other hand dropped even more from yesterday's 3.1 to today's 2.6. Guess the low range of normal for potassium is 3.6. During rounds today they said they were going to try one more way of raising his potassium (and sodium) before they've exhausted all other options to keep us out of PICU. So we were able to stay on the floor at least for today. They started him on a different diuretic that is ''potassium sparing" which means it won't be raising the potassium per se, but it won't lower it further, like the other diuretic he was on. Basically, we're just taking it day by day now.

I brought in Pedialyte today for him to drink on -- anything can help at this point, right? He had a pretty hefty appetite as well, and he made it without vomiting today -- yea! Oh, PS: His chest xray this morning looked great!

So enough of the hum-drum hospital talk -- let's talk about the fun stuff.

Early this morning he rode around in the little red car I talked about the other day, then later in the afternoon he rode around in it some more, and even later at night he rode and rode and rode all around our floor... making pit stops back in our room for medicines, snacks and drinks. There was a Music Therapy lady who came and played instruments with us/him in our room, we sang and shook our maracas to the beat. He loved it! We played Candy Land and Mario Kart Wii (finally) in the Play Room. He also got a wild hair to draw a picture of "a snowman, lots of kids holding hands, and snow falling all around" that I now have on display in our room. But... the most fun of all (I think) was getting to take a wagon ride, off of the floor, down to the cafeteria for a big slice of pepperoni pizza! I've put a few pictures below. Enjoy!

Telling Daddy a secret after Music Therapy

Little Red Corvette

Three generations

Pizza (and green beans) time at the cafeteria

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