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Prayers please

Lab work this morning was not good at all.

--Low Sodium
--Lower Potassium
--NOW Albumin randomly dropped and is critically low
--AND his Ionized Calcium is critically low

Without going into much detail, there was a cardiac catherization procedure that he had between his first and second open heart surgeries, where when undergoing anesthesia he coded and they performed life-saving protocol to get him stable again... . and all of that was caused by his Ionized Calcium being unknowing low. So my point is, now with today's lab results, the doctors are being extra aggressive to get his blood where it needs to be.

After begging and stating my case to get him to stay on the floor to get the IV meds that he needs (instead of going back to PICU), thankfully they allowed it.

The first one he received was Albumin. It was via IV over 4 hours. He did fine for it, but at the end, his arm looked a little swollen, so instead of forcing the second med through the same spot, Vascular Access just came up and found & started a new IV. Right now, our nurse is priming the tubing for his Potassium. This will be an IV dose that runs over 3 hours, and we're told that this one burns pretty badly.

If Tyler feels up to it after being in bed for 7 hours, we'll let him take a stroll or go driving again tonight.

Praying and hoping this plan of attack does the trick. Giving it all up to God... please help our baby.

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