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3 hrs off the ventilator-

We extubated him at 5:00pm and so far so good. He is only on 1 liter of supported oxygen via nasal cannula. Getting morphine for pain control about every two hours. Sleeping short bouts and then waking up for a few minutes, then drifts back to sleep again. He's begging for water or something else to drink, but cannot have anything until 9:00pm (4 hrs after extubation). He is pretty junky sounding (lungs/throat), but we are told that as breathing treatments begin (sometime over the night shift), the junk will loosen up and the raspiness will decrease. This is a new emotion/experience to us, because as babies, they aren't talking or trying to respond, so you don't really ''hear'' this. But all in all, he's being such a big trooper and oh so brave! His strength and patience and self-control is truly amazing.

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3 hrs off the ventilator- + TIME