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Update - September 24th

At 8:35am, on Friday the 21st, the doctors took the ventilator out and Tyler is doing so well that it is surprising everyone! ! !

His PICC line was removed this morning and he started his first bolus feed at 2pm. He gets 2.25 ounces of breastmilk fortified with additional calories over a span of 2 hours thru his g-tube.

At 6:45pm tonight, he was discharged from the PICU and moved up to the cardiac floor. Let's all pray that he doesn't wind up in PICU the remainder of this hospital stay.

He is also starting to make some sound when he cries, so the doctors will be ordering a swallow study to be done later this week. IF it shows that he is swallowing liquid properly to the stomach, Mommy just might be able to start nursing him once or twice a day! The doctors say they want him to be close to 18 pounds by his 6 month Glenn surgery, so we'll still use the g-tube for the majority of his meals to ensure he is getting adequate caloric intake. And he's got a long ways to go considering (as of today) he's lost over a pound and a half since birth.

Moving to the floor has made it one step closer to being able to come home. Will keep posting updates when we can. But as always, remember, no news is good news!

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Update - September 24th + TIME