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This morning I was at the grocery store, stocking up on bread and toilet paper and juice boxes... and finally made it to the checkout line. Then I remembered. I looked at the magazine racks, and there it was.

The October edition of Redbook.

Sept 11, 2011 027

Last year Heather, Ellie, Deb and I were interviewed for Redbook magazine. We're featured in interviews about how we got sober, how blogging brought us all together... it's a piece about motherhood, bogging, and alcoholism. {sorry to dissapoint if you thought I was the one giving anti aging miracle advice or if I worked out enough to be on the cover of a magazine with arms and abs like Jillian Michaels!)

Sept 11, 2011 030

It's really strange to see our pictures in the magazine. I'll just tell you that. I'll also say that I'm definitely struggling with my own demons, in being different and owning up to it. But this, this is something that I could do to possibly help others in the same situation, to break down the stigma. The hope for this article is that it resonates with those who need it. Even if it helps one person to know they're not alone, that someone else has been, or is in the same boat. You don't need to hit rock bottom to stop drinking. To ask for help. To communicate with someone that you think your drinking is getting out of hand.

Sept 11, 2011 029

It's also really strange to know that while there's so much of our stories in the piece, there's still a lot that didn't make in into the article, so if you have questions for me, by all means ask! There isn't a link to share online yet {not sure if there will be... } but you should be able to find it wherever magazines are sold if you're interested in reading the article.

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