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Candlelit faces and rosy cheeks

Over the weekend we stood outside in the frigid Maine air and raised our voices with countless others to celebrate the coming of Christ

Dec 5, 2010 042

We lit candles and and gazed at the magic of staying up past bedtime to be in the midst of something greater than us

Dec 5, 2010 045

Hope and peace and kindness rested in the space between strangers

Dec 5, 2010 047

The sweetness of each moment was palpable, bringing tears and smiles as my babies held their own candles and looked with wonder at the flame

Dec 5, 2010 054

We sang and swayed and basked in tradition and familiar tunes

Dec 5, 2010 059

Candlelit faces and rosy cheeks... holy experiences for the entire family...

Dec 5, 2010 061

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Candlelit faces and rosy cheeks + traditions