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I began to dig through the wedding reception decorations. I found some wooden letters that I had painted in bright, tropical colors to match the beach setting. How nice would a large wooden initial of my new last name look on a shelf or some other random spot? I am constantly searching for things to fill up space, and this would provide me with a recycled, and therefore free, item to place in my home. Best of all, there is a story behind this simple piece of wood. I covered the bright pink paint with a dark brown, and found a good pattern of earth tones that would match perfectly to my living room.

Up it went on top of a lonely shadow box, and although it may shift it around until I feel like it is in it's proper place, I think it is great, and the fact that I made it from things around the house makes it that much better!

Wooden Letter: $1.50
Paint/Paper: $0.50

Total Cost: $2.00
Similar Initial Decor at Craft Store: $12.00

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Quick and Easy + make it yourself