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2010-07-17 15.25.30

Lucas and I had a chance to head out for coffee this afternoon. In the middle of a heatwave we strolled with our iced concoctions, sweaty hands held together.

I love coffee dates. Real ones. Virtual ones. It's the listening, and the talking. Ideas emerging as you speak, surprising and delighting. Questions asked and answered with thought and openness.

In this space, I often get asked questions in the comment section. And I try to answer whenever possible through email. But often times there is no email address given to reply to, so I've answered in the comments, but feel like the answers get lost in the shuffle that way. It's hard to remember to check back on posts to look for the answer to a question you've posed {I'm horrible at remembering to do that}

So I'm opening up in this post. A little Q&A session. If there's anything you want to ask me, feel free to do so in the comments below. I'll dedicate a post next week to answering all your questions to the best of my ability.

I'm an open book! Whether it's a question on my recovery from/with/regarding alcoholism, something to do with the kids, my favorite whatever... ask away!

{this is totally inspired by Sandy's recent Q&A post. I've read a few others over the past months, and always enjoy reading the answers, finding out more about each blogger through questions and topics they might not think to talk about without the aide of random questions from friends! Perhaps I'm searching for a bit of inspiration, but mostly I'm curious what my wonderful readers would like to know... }

So bring it on! What would you ask me if we were sitting across each other drinking iced lattes?

Can't wait to see what you all come up with :)

***Comments are now closed as my Answers post is coming up shortly... and is very, very, long!! Thanks for all the fabulous questions!!

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An open book + questions