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Haircuts, snow & happy {odds & ends}

Look carefully... notice anything different? {besides the milk mustache}

April 28, 2010 009

He didn't get just a hair cut, he got a buzz cut. His first. And possibly his last. He looks so... old.

The funny thing? I'm the one who did it. I finally convinced him to let me use the buzzer on his hair, like I do his daddy, and then I wasn't sure what number to use... and I cut his hair way shorter than planned.

And it's not bad. It's just really really different. And boy'ish. And bruiser'ish. Totally makes me want to cry, and then laugh when I hear a three year old voice from him instead of a ten year old!

He's still him. Playing with letters on his grandmother's refrigerator. Stopping on his way to the bathroom to pee in an articulated dump truck {you read that right... } Surviving off of yogurt, cereal, milk and donuts.

April 28, 2010 015

And this girl? She's just happy that for once her hair is longer than her brothers, finally!

April 28, 2010 018

This picture is just funny to me. Keep in mind it's almost May. And today, in NH, it snowed big fat puffy snowflakes. Fynn looked out the car window and said "Look! It's Christmas! We need to get a Christmas tree!"

April 28, 2010 016

And finally, last week Maureen at IslandRoar passed along a little something something my way...

The Happy Blog Award. Maureen is so sweet, and is always ~ always ~ a good read. Make sure to check her out :) Now I'm supposed to list ten things that make me happy {in no particular order}:

~ Snow in April
~ My silly, crazy, wonderful kids
~ Really good ice cream
~ Salt air and rocks softened by the sea
~ My sweet husband
~ A stack of unread books
~ Singing Jingle Bells throughout the year
~ Yoga
~ Knowing that in one week the kids and I will be visiting my parents
~ My sobriety

Thank you to all who commented yesterday, who emailed and who have shown me so much love and support. I'm humbled and grateful beyond belief. Consider yourselves tagged :)

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