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First Franco- File Friday! - What is it?

I studied French from 7th grade all the way through college-sadly have forgotten so much. Like so many people fell in love with much more than the language it was this desire for the whole experience of the culture, food and wine, lifestyle, fashion, music, art... all of it. I have always wanted to live there for a bit and still have this as a life goal to spend at least a summer in France without a care in the world other than starring in my own personal "movie" while there.

I have noticed many of you girls online have the same passion or at least interest in some things French, if not many.

One of my resolutions this year is to renew this dream and while I am not going to France any time soon- I can continue to fulfill this calling and give myself a bit of the French life by doing one little thing a week- like find something fun and French for all of you to read about on Franco- File Fridays!

So from now on Fridays are all about any and all things French- anything from books, films, art, cooking, towns, phrases, famous French ladies, and of course fashion can fit into this category.

If you have any suggestions of any thing to post about here too- let me know! Also - would love to know which of you out there are interested in this and speak or have studied French, been to France, etc....

Bonne Annee!

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First Franco- File Friday! - What is it? + Franco- File Fridays