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Preppy Momma Cards from Teacups and Tadpoles

I just ordered these darling cards for myself and a special new mommy from one of my favortie baby sites... Teacups and Tadpoles and I love them! The quality, artwork, and of course the colors!- They are so pretty and fun-
I never understood them until I became a mom myself how many people you meet with your children! Everywhere- the park, restaurants, gym, Target! They offer great advice, or know of a good place to get x, y, or z... or they have a number of someone/ thing that would help you or you want to get together for coffee or a play date.... I love this idea and think it is so cute- its so much better than "loosing" the number in your cell phone, or writing it down in crayon on a shred of paper.

These are my new gift for after baby arrives-

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Preppy Momma Cards from Teacups and Tadpoles + Gifts. Mommy Cards