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Update #3 -

Kitty came to give us what seemed like the last update from her.

Dr. Lofland has found the Glenn and has actually completed the Fontan, AND Tyler is successfully off of bypass. His body is working all by itself on his own "new" heart as I type. Kitty said his blood pressure looked good, his saturation looked good, all looked good. It sounds as if Dr. Lofland will be finished closing all openings within the next 45 mins. We are gathering our belongings from the Same Day Surgery Waiting Room and heading up to the PICU Waiting Room... there, we will wait to get our face-to-face report from Dr. Lofland regarding Tyler's status and final report as to how it went. I will be sure to update further this afternoon and this evening sometime as to how he's doing post-operatively.

Love, Kathleen

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Update #3 - + TIME