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Mickey Button Day! -- UPDATED

It's 8am and we are headed to Children's Mercy Hospital - Surgery Clinic to have Tyler's g-tube replaced from the Pezer to the Mickey Button. I will update how it went as soon as we're home and settled. To everyone who may not know... . this is an outpatient surgery.

It's now 12:20pm and we are home and Mommy just 'hooked' Tyler up to his feeding using the new apparatus. It is quite different than what we had before, but as with anything, we'll get used to it and find our niche with the device.

Tyler did fantastic (aside from a 30 minute bout of crying from the procedure itself- which was a little painful) during the "quote unquote 'surgery'"... . however, it was nothing of the sort. All the nurse did was pull out his old one and push in the Mickey Button. No medical equipment was used, except for her hands. After that was done, we had to go to Radiology and have a stomach xray done to make sure the Mickey was in the right place. The xray was to show us that fluid still goes only into the stomach and not into the space cavity between the stomach and the abdominal wall... . everything appeared to be in great working order. We will have to go back to the surgery clinic once every quarter (3 months) to have a new Mickey Button put in as they wear faster. We were happy to hear that, to Tyler, changing it out will only feel like a woman changing out her earrings.

I will continue to update as the days go on. So don't forget to stop in once-in-a-while to check on his progress. Bookmark us to your favorites:

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Mickey Button Day! -- UPDATED + TIME