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une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.... things that made this week lovely

I ordered dix-neuf of these for the finishing touch of my foyer which I had redone in a a soft blue grey with an antique gold chandelier and mirror the fall. When they arrive from London I will post the before and afters of the whole space. It's pretty sassy.

Check out the site with the link above- there is for sure something waiting for you.


From Sunday Suppers Blog
I think this rendering by Paperfinger is so clean and chic.
Their photography and style is enviable.
I found Sunday Suppers this week and it's a favorite new (to me) foodie blog. I think this is a dream business and see them as cast in a film. Stop by.


Jack was singing "puff the magic dragon" last night. I went to look to download it and found it on a collection of lullabies by Disney. I downloaded the entire album off of itunes and I must admit- it's gorgeous and so relaxing. I am burning one for each of his preschool friends as their valentines. So darling. It put me to sleep at 9 and now I have had a good 10.5 hours. Today better be a good day!

I invited a friend to my gym this morning for a favorite class. I love sharing things I enjoy with friends with similar goals and making plans with friends for something different than coffee or drinks is something I want to do moving forward.

Will?... We always Have Paris? or Italy? A goal and a call from a great girl.

I had a fantastic conversation with my dear friend LKW last night! I love her calls and her inspiring chats. She is so real and always focuses on acceptance, understanding, and doing work to make her life the best it can be. Over the years we have shared many great conversations and laughs. But last night we discussed focusing on what we really want and not getting distracted short term. In short it was about "the Purchases that Prevent Us". All of the stationary, magazines, dinners, drinks, treats, indulgences that we give ourselves short term and then another year goes by and we have not done the big things we really want.

I remember thinking when I hit many milestones in my life... "but I dont even speak French yet".
I'm not going to say "this is my year", but I am taking classes at the Alliance Francaise Chicago and
the cost is about 5 dinners out. Done and Done. What do you really want?

Hope you have had a great week.

Coming up tomorrow- a great weekend project.

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une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq.... things that made this week lovely + inspiration