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The sound of glasses clinking... . *

There are days when I miss drinking.

A lot.

I don't know if it's the time of year, the craziness of January 2011 {sick and moving and on and on... } or the fact that I'm coming up on a year of sobriety, but I'm missing it. A lot.

Regardless... a friend of mine shared a song with me a few weeks ago, and it's been on my mind ever since. She said she wasn't sure if I'd like it, if it would hit too close to home or be okay. I'm glad she did.

{a little back story, the name Colin Hay sounded familiar, and then she started playing the song for me and the voice threw me back to wedding planning... as I walked down the aisle to an acoustic version of one of his songs - I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You - because Lucas and I liked the music so much when we heard it on the Garden State sound track. I recently read an interview with him, and it turns out Colin Hay wrote that song about leaving his drinking life behind... click here for those lyrics... Irony? Coincidence? }

Anyway. I shared the song that was shared with me {I Wish I Was Still Drinking} with a friend today, who is celebrating a beautiful day, as we were talking about being okay with missing drinking.

And I thought I might share it here, as some of you might enjoy it. Or it might be hard to listen to. Even if you're not in the throws of alcoholism it might still touch a soft spot. Honestly, for me it's like listening to a love song after a bad break up. It hurts, but in a good way. Giving hope that you can move on, and find happiness in something bigger than yourself.

Here it is:

*title of this post is from the above song...

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The sound of glasses clinking... . * + sobriety