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Pumpkin Carving Contest

Finally, I was able to bring together all of my creations and crafts and display them for friends. We hosted a pumpkin carving contest at our home and I thought I would share some ideas for Halloween parties that many of you may be getting ready for! You have seen the decorations in previous posts, but here is a peek at how I used them on the table with the finger foods!

I took the pictures a little late, as the food was devoured before I could finish saying hello to everyone! But that is a sign that it was a hit, right?! You can see my ghost globes, my fall centerpiece, and other previous projects on the table. But the food was definitely the star of the show! I made sandwiches and used cookie cutters to turn them into ghosts and pumpkins.

I cut string cheese sticks in half, carved a spot out, added cream cheese for adhesive, and a piece of red bell pepper for "witches fingers!" Guacamole and salsa added an extra creep factor!

Strawberry cupcakes adorned with gummy worms and bats were a hit with the kiddos, and sausage balls are always a party favorite! A random rubber heart and sliced apples with caramel dip rounded out the table!

After filling up on goodies, everyone headed out to the garage to carve away! Fierce competition was in order...

I never thought it would be so hard to take pictures of the completed lineup, but here is the best shot!

Although many people left before the above picture was taken, they, and their kids, all left with goody bags and smiles! If you would like any of the recipes, please go to the contact tab and e-mail me! Also, which is your favorite pumpkin?!

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