Family Updates + Paige

Dec 4, 2009 002

she's at her cuddliest when she's ready for sleep

she holds her dolly, blanket, and still tries to grab for a finger to hold onto

to make sure you're still there

both of my kids are little love bugs

attached some would say

and I take that as a compliment

yesterday was a rough day

I yelled

a few times

and scared my little girl

Fynn took it in stride, and went on to the next thing

but it stayed with Paige for most of the day

now and then she'd burst into tears when I would say something in a stern way

or just look at her in a questioning manner

yesterday was a day I would not like to repeat

but today is new, and there are grand adventures on the horizon

and I am thankful for this day to hug and kiss and snuggle my babies

today will be a day I'll want to repeat

it's in the air

and I'll hold her hand and keep her close as long as she allows it

apologizing and making amends the only way a mama can

by being attached in the here and now

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Attached + Paige