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Twenty eight

Today is my birthday.

I'm now 28 years old. Which is kind of funny to me, because that's how old my husband was when I met him about six years ago. And he seemed so old to me (if I could write in a sarcastic font, that last statement would be in bold sarcastic) But really, it hits me as all kinds of funny. I hoped, but never really thought I'd be married, let alone would have two beautiful children by the time I turned 28.

With every year that passes I gain more understanding of the world around, and myself. I know more of what I believe in, what I stand for, I know my convictions. Could be kids, could be age, but today, I'm going to celebrate all that I believe in. Below are 28 things (in no particular order) that I know I believe in, wholeheartedly.

I believe in...

1. homemade

2. loving with all of your heart

3. my husband

4. my children

5. myself

6. the power of the ocean

7. alone time

8. a gracious and loving God

9. a good cry

10. good friends

11. the medicinal benefits of chocolate

12. dancing in the kitchen

13. the magic of holidays

14. comfort food

15. writing as therapy

16. libraries

17. staying in pj's on rainy days

18. that snuggles from babies make it all better

19. things happening for a reason

20. family

21. acupuncture

22. finding happiness within yourself

23. hot baths with lots of bubbles

24. romance

25. that life can be stranger than fiction

26. books that end long after you finish the last page

27. prayer

28. nurturing imaginations

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Corinne... the early years


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Twenty eight + pray