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Friday morning update -

Labs from this morning showed that his sodium dropped two points again. His potassium raised back to 3.1, but it's still low (3.6 is the point considered normal range). Calcium level is still low, but did come up a little bit... And we are currently waiting on the Albumin results to come back.

Chest xray this morning showed that his left side of his chest & lungs is starting to collect a lot of fluid... the most that has ever been on them. Could be all of the extra fluid he received from the IV therapy yesterday, could be the fact that he didn't/couldn't really get out of bed at all yesterday, and could be the way that they laid off of such a strong dose of his diuretic the last two days.

The three of us are just sitting in his room waiting for his team of doctors to round between 10-11am to tell us what to do, as parents, today -- and to tell us what they, as doctors, are planning to try today. Unfortunately, we're certain going home is still no where in sight.

Wish us luck. Thank you all for the many prayers that are continually being said for Tyler and the rest of our family.

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